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Robert Do leads California’s Elite Realty

September 19, 2019

Robert Do Elite Realty Services

Elite Realty Services is a California-based real estate company that extends multiple services under one roof. From its office in San Jose, Elite Realty Services works with clientele toward estate buying and selling, home staging, housing permits, construction upgrades and remodels plus investments ranging from residential to commercial. The company is led by Robert Do, who serves as its president. It highly touts its in-house services that go well beyond traditional real estate to include home design, a portfolio of mortgage programs, engineering, architecture and more.

Do’s business conducts real estate transactions and other services across the greater Sacramento area of California. Elite Services boasts a robust staff of professionals -- dozens of dedicated agents who can help any homeowner, or hopeful homeowner, through the real estate process. New agents are routinely welcomed as Elite Realty seeks individuals who can leverage the brand’s unique and plentiful services. Do and other leadership want agents who also can build and lead their own smaller teams plus do so through increased productivity, additional in-house services and maximized commissions. Elite Realty Services notes “smooth sailing together” as teams work alongside each other to achieve the best results for the agency in addition to the clientele.